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Gta 4 Android

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Grand theft auto 4

This is a TOTAL CONVERSION for GTA III that makes it more similar to GTA IV.. Has many new features, like flyable Helis and Planes, a Motorbike (Chopper), IV location names to GTA III, IV Textures, Weapons and Niko Bellic Hurt Sound, IV weapons sounds, IV HUD,etc etc... This is almost like a compilation of the best mods for GTA III, All-in-ONE.. MY PLAN WAS to try to stay close to GTA III, but adding some new features and better graphics so people would want to play that GOOD OLD GAME! All of these mods togeher make this Total Conversion.. I gave the credits to each mod author.. I have made some mods to this conversion like GTA IV TW@ Internet cafe and some other textures and HUD tweaks too ;) Enjoy

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